Bulk Labour Purchase – Terms & Conditions


Pre-purchased Bulk Hours are a great way to save money (5% discount) and reduce administrative costs (significantly less invoicing to process for both supplier and client).

If adjustments to these terms and conditions are necessary (the right to do so is reserved), notification will occur via email and the Cutting Edge IT website.

Terms Used

  • “Onsite Labour” is all labour carried out at the premises (work or home) of the client
  • “Remote Labour” includes phone support and remote access (usually using TeamViewer) to the client workstation, server or mobile device
  • “Workshop Labour” is all labour that has been carried out at the Cutting Edge IT office/workshop
  • “Client” relates to the individual or entity that services or goods are provided to
  • “Bulk Labour” is labour in “Onsite”, “Remote”, “Workshop” or “Combined” form that has been pre-purchased


  1. Bulk Labour does not expire
  2. Bulk Labour is non-refundable
  3. Bulk Labour is not transferrable or exchangeable for goods
  4. Bulk Labour is not interchangeable between types (eg. Onsite swapped for Remote)
  5. Bulk Labour is not credit; it is a purchase of labour that can only be redeemed in the form of labour (of the type carried out by Cutting Edge IT)
  6. Bulk Labour is not a contract to provide services, it is simply a pre-purchased block of time offered at a discount
  7. Any negotiations entered into regarding the above are strictly at the discretion of Cutting Edge IT
  8. Paying the invoice you receive is taken as acknowledgement that you’ve read and accepted these Terms and Conditions