FAQ/Self Service

Welcome to the Cutting Edge IT FAQ/Self Service page. Because there are lots of things people regularly forget to do before calling the “IT person”, we’ve tried to build a quick compendium of those 1 minute answers you’ll get on the phone/SMS/email that are typically too short to be considered billable time (note that this page is constantly being refined, so will change at times).

Quit the App by double pressing the Home button and then sliding the App upwards (on iPhones without a home button, swipe up and to the right from the bottom of the screen, then slide upwards on the App). Also, make sure the App is updated by visiting the App Store and the Updates section (pull down to refresh). Newer versions of the App Store require you to tap your avatar in the top right and then pull down to refresh updates.

The method to turn off and turn on varies but typically, press and hold the power button (or press and hold the power button and a volume button on the iPhone X) and then slide the onscreen prompt to shut down. Then press the power button again (briefly) until the Apple symbol appears.

Quit the Application (quick and easy way is Command-Q) and re-open it. If it won’t quit, then you can bring up the “Force Quit” dialogue by pressing the Command-Option-Escape keys. Also, make sure the Application is updated…most Applications have a “Check for updates” option under one of the menus (in Microsoft Office Applications, it’s the Help menu for example). Some Applications are updated via the Mac App Store, under the “Updates” tab.

Try restarting (Apple menu > Restart).

Wait for at least 30mins, as some issues are caused by brief outages that may be resolved quite quickly. Quit and re-open the application that’s struggling (eg. if you can’t browse in Safari or if Outlook is slow, quit it and re-open).

Turn the modem off and on (it may have a switch or you may have to do it at the power point). Wait 5 mins and check your device(s). Still no good? Restart the device(s). Still no action? Contact your ISP (Internet Service  Provider) for free support or Cutting Edge IT for paid support.