About Us

Welcome to Cutting Edge IT (formerly Mostly Mac).

Cutting Edge IT aims to remain at the forefront of technology, with a particular focus on all things Apple, Cloud and Cyber Security.

Cutting Edge IT has developed many ways to get things working even where others have failed.

Cutting Edge IT can help you make those tough decisions when it comes to developing a Mac centric IT strategy.


  • which computer(s) to use
  • which printer(s) to use
  • which internet hardware to use
  • which network equipment to use
  • which audio/visual/computer equipment to use in your home theatre/home media centre setup

We specialise in devising cost effective solutions with an emphasis on getting the job done as cheaply as possible without sacrificing reliability. If you live in the Adelaide metropolitan area or hills then Cutting Edge IT can come to you, support you remotely or your Mac can be fixed/upgraded in the workshop (useful for those long winded tasks like massive data transfers!).